Declaration in support of Mohamed Said Badaoui


The Mohamed Said Badaoui Support Group asked us to help publicise this call:

On 5 August 2022, Mohamed Said Badaoui received a notification of the decision to initiate a procedure of administrative expulsion from the Spanish state in accordance with article 54.1.a) of Organic Law 4/2000, of January 11, the Immigration Law which contemplates the expulsion of migrants who pose a danger to national security. This  notification contains as accusations subjective opinions based on Islamophobia concerning Mohamed’s activism, opinions and intentions as president of Adedcom, an association dedicated to the defense and promotion of the rights of Muslim people in Tarragona. Everything indicates that the expulsion order is motivated by the appeal that Mohamed presented against the rejection of his application for Spanish citizenship; it seems that the aim is to punish people who fight for their rights.

The supposed danger that Mohamed’s activism poses to State security is related to the exercise of the right to freedom of expression, opinion and participation, as well as his right of association which is covered by current legislation. This is especially serious because it represents the singling out, criminalisation and persecution of Muslim people, they seek to link Islam with terrorism or criminality, and because they are trying to silence the voices that denounce state racism and Islamophobia.

We know that the case of Mohamed Said Badaoui is not unique: there are more and more similar violations of human rights taking place. We want to denounce that these processes flagrantly violate the fundamental rights of these people. Faced with this serious situation, it is urgent to review the framework and the security paradigm for the prevention of radicalisation which allows the security forces to misinterpret the ideas, opinions and activities of Muslim people in a criminalising way, with appalling consequences in the lives of these individuals and for the all of society.

The undersigned entities and people demand the suspension of the administrative expulsion procedure initiated against Mr Mohamed Said Badaoui and the revision of the motives on which it was based, taking into account the structural Islamophobia that shapes our society in social, political, symbolic and institutional ambits.

Mohamed Said Badaoui Support Group

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One thought on “Declaration in support of Mohamed Said Badaoui”

  1. Me parece lamentable y muy injusto que una persona conocida como el señor mohamad badawi una persona activa y q siempre intenta hacer el bien y ayudar a otras personas le quieran expulsar del país a una persona q debe ser el ejemplo de la emigración y a los q si deben de expulsar por gente q no aporta nada a este país y q solo están haciendo el mal el día a día y siemore están en la calle y no les hacen nada lamentable el mundo al revés

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