A year without Pavlos Fyssas – We will not forget: Fascism never again!

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This Thursday, 18 September 2014, marks one year since the murder of the Greek rapper, Pavlos Fyssas, at the hands of thugs from the Nazi party, Golden Dawn. The massive protests sparked by his murder forced the Greek government to take action against the Nazis, but today, a year later, we can see that the danger has not disappeared.

It is clear that the fascist threat exists in various forms throughout Europe. In France, the National Front is a leading political force. Even in Sweden, the disguised fascist party, the “Swedish Democrats”, won 12.9% in the recent parliamentary elections.

We know that the fascist organizations collaborate with each other; leaders of the Catalan fascist party, Plataforma per Catalunya, and the Nazi centre “Tramuntana” have notorious links with the Greeks Nazis.

We demand that the European Union, and the new European Commission, do everything in their power to prevent the advance of fascism. At least, they should not fuel the growth of the far right. Speeches and measures that criminalise immigrants —in effect, copying the fascists— don’t reduce their support, but rather give them credibility they do not deserve. In this regard, we are very concerned that Dimitris Avramopoulos —a member of a party that has applied extreme racist policies in Greece, provoking criticisms by Amnesty International— has been proposed as the new European Commissioner for Immigration. We call on the European Parliament to reject his appointment.

As for us, as a united movement which involves very significant sectors of Catalan society, we declare our commitment to continue the fight against the far right. We will do so within Catalunya and, increasingly, we will do so in collaboration with our sister movements across Europe.

So, on this sad anniversary, we send our solidarity to KEERFA, the united antifascist movement of Greece, and to all the people across Europe who mobilise around our shared call: “Fascism, never again!”

Unitat Contra el Feixisme i el Racisme
Barcelona, 18 ​​September 2014

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